Instructional Materials

“Swing Chords and Progressions for Mandolin”

Online video course from Innovative program allows for adjusting tempo, looping of recorded examples as well as printing out the standard notation and Tab. Multiple lessons on chord voicings, progressions, tunes, and stylistic tips.

“Crafting Jazzier Solo Lines on Mandolin”

Online video course with multiple lessons on how to approach improvised soloing.

Chord Melody Etudes for Mandolin

Explores the creation of solo mandolin arrangements where melody and harmony are presented at the same time. 27 lesson segments including the most useful chord voicings, commonly used progressions as in intros and endings, and nine tunes in various styles that put it all together

“Jazz Mandolin Appetizers”

Book with audio examples/playalong tracks, sample solos on familiar tunes, chord melody and rhythm chord voicing sections also.Published by Mel Bay.

Mandolin Instruction Workshops & Events

Kaufman Kamps
Ashokan Fiddle and Dance Camps
Mandolin Symposium